As part of the UZH Innovation Hub, the Cluster for Digital Innovation fosters innovation related to the digitalization of our society.

Our role

As the world at large becomes increasingly digital, we are experiencing a life shift like never before.

At the University of Zurich, more than 400 researchers are working hard to better understand the impact of this change and explore solutions to the challenges a digital society brings upon us.

The Cluster for Digital Innovation aims at creating opportunities for the transfer of UZH’s knowhow into innovations for our society.

We bring a fresh perspective on the role of the university in dealing with societal change, strengthening different routes for innovation starting both from scientific insights and market reality.

The best solutions for society cannot be found through technology alone. It needs an economic, psychological and societal perspective to develop sustainable solutions. That is why we encourage innovators from across disciplines and industries to get involved, from scientists to students, from businesses to NGO’s and everyone in between.

How we work

Accelerating science-based innovation

We support researchers and students to develop their ideas across all stages of innovation, from idea to market.

Connecting people for co-creation

We build bridges between university experts, innovators, corporations and organizations in the public sector. By lowering the barriers to connect and foster exchange in interactive events, the Cluster creates opportunities to co-create ideas to address complex challenges in the digital transformation of our society.

Developing digital shapers

UZH talents have the potential to become the digital shapers of tomorrow. We offer trainings, coaching, and a community to provide our talents with the mindset, skills, and tools needed to take initiative and make an impact.

Who we are

The Cluster is a community of experts and innovators dedicated to contribute to our digital future

As an Innovation Cluster within the UZH Innovation Hub, we have the mandate to foster innovation within the broad field of digitalization (research). We design our actions bottom-up with the experts in the community and based on the needs of our stakeholders.

The Cluster operates alongside several partner organizations within the innovation ecosystem around UZH, all contributing in their own unique way to digital innovation.

Harald Gall (Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Informatics) serves as Cluster Lead. Maria Olivares (Head of Innovation) and Eva Maria Håkanson (Deputy Head Innovation) support the cluster strategy and management.