The digitalization of medicine opens up exciting opportunities for improving healthcare through innovative digital solutions. Healthcare professionals can now use artificial intelligence to predict, diagnose and manage patient problems and share information seamlessly.

They can step in at the earliest opportunity, creating better outcomes using less expensive treatments. This kind of innovation will have long-term impact for payers and providers, and will put people back at the centre of healthcare.


With new wearable devices it is possible to collect valuable data while monitoring patients not only at the hospital but also at home. This generates a much more comprehensive picture of the patient, tells us about the quality of care outside of the hospital and promotes proactive medical interventions. 

Applying artificial intelligence in healthcare enables improvement on a broad level.  We can diagnose and predict disease more effectively, manage health services better and accelerate research and clinical development.  

However, such developments also raise a number of important questions, like how do we ensure our personal integrity as access to personal patient data increases?


At UZH, we invent cutting-edge digital solutions that are successfully being integrated into patient care. We collaborate closely with the four university hospitals of Zurich, studying and implementing novel AI solutions. 

We also collaborate across scientific disciplines. We ask how digital health could work in a better way whilst taking ethical, regulatory and psychological questions into account. With knowledge like this we can advise industry and policy makers to help society gain the most benefit from new advancements in digital health. 

If healthcare is to advance in a digital era, we need to understand and address every challenge and explore each opportunity. UZH is leading the way in this area, facilitating projects and bringing networks of people together.